We created The iSchool Review for two main reasons. One was to showcase the best work from Schools of Information across the world—work that might otherwise never leave the confines of the classroom. The other was to address a question that tends to come up again and again about iSchools: "What is a school of information?" It's a tough one. So instead of providing a direct answer, we seek to empower our readers to formulate their own impressions by engaging with the original works in these issues.

Each piece published was subject to a rigorous selection process overseen by the editorial board and advisory committee. Upon being selected, each work went through several rounds of back-and-forth edits. Then, each author, or group of authors, had to secure an endorsement from a faculty member at their affiliated academic institution; and while we acknowledge that the requirement to include a faculty endorsement might be a barrier that prevents some people from submitting, we think, given the early stage of this publication, it is crucial that each work is validated by a source beyond the editorial board.